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    I’m begining to think the same that, certain players are starting to scratch their heads with his lack of style and identity as a manager.

    I just don’t get it, this crawling to the half way line 7-8 passes left n right, middle sat in with defence goating the opposition to come and get it and if they don’t?, Hail Mary it into the corner and hope someone can’t first time take a 40yard punt out the sky with one touch.

    Then theres Mondays post match remark he came out with about the pitch. The above tactics I mentioned doesn’t require a slick well watered pitch. The dry pitch it didn’t stop Cambridge hitting long and high.

    I keep saying it, we all want him to do well and sometimes you think “It’s clicking” only for it to revert back to normal play when play a struggling side.

    Even when we’ve beat the better sides we’ve hardly looked convincing so when we play teams in the lower half with their direct style football they undo us like a can of beans and we don’t lose by the odd goal it’s normally by about 3 or 4.

    For me the biggest red flag and worrying sign is the subs 5 per game (half your outfield side) its very worrying. It upsets the balance of the side and simply confuses and frustrates players and totally changes the style you set out in the first half which is exactly what happened again against Cambridge.

    He took S.Smith off saying he wanted more attacking players on the pitch.
    Looks like Maloney forgot that Smith scored the winner against Blackpool from the same position by getting in the box when he’s started playing his best football for Latics so what message does that send out to the lad taking him off against Cambridge?.

    I’m lost, on the one hand I keep thinking, once he has his own players and had 1 or 2 transfer windows we’ll see a different Wigan but then I start to think, like the players Maloney will have to totally change which I’m not sure he can.

    I’m in no doubt that he’s here for the duration. I don’t think Danson will get rid so he better get it right or my prediction of a 25-26 season push for promotion will be nothing more than a pipe dream especially looking at the possible clubs looking at the drop from the Championship.