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    I do agree CW.

    We have had some very very good wins against the better teams and looked a good team.

    But you are right, he has to find a way to play against the “rubbish” in the division. He needs to let the shackles off and play further forward. Here’s hoping that happens next season.

    I do believe there is probably a fair bit of negativity in the camp from players who know they won’t be there next season. Some of these players are big characters and likely have a fair bit of influence.

    These players will have gone next season and it’s a completely clean slate. Maloney deserves at least next season to build the team with players who want to be there. I know most supporters genuinely HOPE he can take us forward. I believe he actually CAN take us forward.

    Someone pointed out on this forum that our best days were under Jewell. PHOENIX pointed out that we finished mid table in league one in Jewell’s first season. The financial mess we are in (and it is a mess and it is still ARE IN and not WERE IN) is not a quick fix. We have to be patient and not be so entitled.

    I’ll probably be labelled a happy clapper for this post but I don’t care. I watched our first ever home game in 1978 and I’ve been a permanent supporter since 1984 so I have seen some proper rubbish. Fans claiming some matches are the worst they have ever seen need to rewatch games from the Kenny Swain and Warren Joyce eras.

    Shaun Maloney (along with Gregor Rioch) stuck by this club when it was on its arse. I watched him at Burnley away last season when it had come out again they weren’t getting paid and he looked a broken man. He could have walked but he didn’t. So when you keep questioning why some (majority) fans sing his name and clap at the end, maybe you should remember why that might be. It’s not just because he’s a Wigan legend in his own right. The man helped save this club.

    Happy clapper or not, SM has my support and the support of my 2 teenage sons for the foreseeable future