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    Just read the ’12th Man’ collumn that Kendrick churns out with comments from the same old folk who love to blow smoke up the clubs arse on a regular basis.

    I keep seeing comments of people saying ‘we are safe’, er not quite. We have 4 games left and 3 are away games that I haven’t got any hope for. One is against a club being revived by a new manager, Charlton, then there is Lincoln who are battling to go up, and then Portsmouth who are going for the title. If we lose these 3 and Cheltenham are picking up points, it could be squeaky bum time. They we’ve got Bristol Rovers at the DW last game. With how we’ve been, I can’t say I’d be confident of beating them.

    Nobody can defend Maloney and how bad we are, surely?

    Anybody who doesn’t think it’s all too bad, I hope you enjoy the 5000 crowds next season unless things change.

    You won’t need new underpants for a squeaky bum Vat69. Mathematically safe already