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    Hi there Leyland Latic.
    Have you had an explanation & apology yet ?

    We can’t afford to lose loyal fans

    Hi. I received an acknowledgment within 15 min of the ticket office opening last Monday, saying my complaint had been passed to the “Ticket Office Manager” for action.

    10 days later, as of now, nothing, not a dicky bird.

    If they can’t be bothered, then neither can I.

    To think how close I was to joining this Fans Fund thing, so glad I didn’t waste my money.

    Sorry to say I’m done.

    I’m done as well. Not renewing after 38 years as a ST holder.

    This is NOT the club I supported. Thats long gone. I don’t like things whats happening with the club. This Fans Fund thing, the way they’ve been pushing it today, saying you’ll get a discount off your Season Ticket…yes, but the monthly payments of £18pm will mean you’re paying £216 a year for it. For some hoodie that will make you look like some cult member, and priority on away tickets.
    I don’t like how people who are on minimum wage will feel obliged to sign up, when it’s money they can’t really afford.
    The whole thing stinks for me. Then I’ve heard earlier tonight that club have made redundancies again. What the hell?
    I’ve no doubt the stadium was his objective all along.