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    A little bird has pointed me in the direction of a thread from “elsewhere”. I don’t frequent this place obviously, but what an effing shambles the club has become.


      Hi there Leyland Latic.
      Have you had an explanation & apology yet ?

      We can’t afford to lose loyal fans

      Hi. I received an acknowledgment within 15 min of the ticket office opening last Monday, saying my complaint had been passed to the “Ticket Office Manager” for action.

      10 days later, as of now, nothing, not a dicky bird.

      If they can’t be bothered, then neither can I.

      To think how close I was to joining this Fans Fund thing, so glad I didn’t waste my money.

      Sorry to say I’m done.

      I’m done as well. Not renewing after 38 years as a ST holder.

      This is NOT the club I supported. Thats long gone. I don’t like things whats happening with the club. This Fans Fund thing, the way they’ve been pushing it today, saying you’ll get a discount off your Season Ticket…yes, but the monthly payments of £18pm will mean you’re paying £216 a year for it. For some hoodie that will make you look like some cult member, and priority on away tickets.
      I don’t like how people who are on minimum wage will feel obliged to sign up, when it’s money they can’t really afford.
      The whole thing stinks for me. Then I’ve heard earlier tonight that club have made redundancies again. What the hell?
      I’ve no doubt the stadium was his objective all along.


      So 4 weeks on from the last day debacle and still not a word received from the club, despite chasers.

      Does anyone have an email for someone at the club who can actually sort anything? Thanks

      MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

        Not sure if I’m renewing either. I’ve emailed club on 2 occasions….no reply. Was given email…..maybe that’s duff !!!I had simple question regarding senior citizens discount. 60 years and above for rugby 65 and above for football. Same ownership….seems unfair to me. Sent polite email…..nothing. Maybe someone can enlighten me as to this being correct email address. Agree about the feel a present…….I feel as if the club I knew is being eroded. Rudderless.


        Not sure if I’m renewing either. I’ve emailed club on 2 occasions….no reply. Was given email…..maybe that’s duff !!!I had simple question regarding senior citizens discount. 60 years and above for rugby 65 and above for football. Same ownership….seems unfair to me. Sent polite email…..nothing. Maybe someone can enlighten me as to this being correct email address. Agree about the feel a present…….I feel as if the club I knew is being eroded. Rudderless.

        Thanks, I’ve used that email address as well as the info@wigan etc as well as the published ticket office email address.

        Bottom line is the club have breached their contract with me and in the absence of a proper response I’m going to have to take legal action. That may be credit card “section 75” claim or county court breach of contract action.

        Having supported the club through thick and thin, well ok, thin, over the last 5 years especially, how has it got to this? Why is the club so badly run? Who is actually running the ship day to day because I’d like a chat with them.

        Is JT still a supporters rep?


        It looks like Ben Goodburn is on Linkedin.

        Worth a shot if you have not tried that avenue.


        Thanks for that LHL. Message duly sent.

        cup winnerscup winners

          The club’s going to be stripped back to it’s bare bones staffing wise and I kept pointing out to those who said “Wait till the transfer embargo ends!!”, that won’t make a sod of difference.
          The ticketing has been subbed out so Im sure ticketing staff will be the first to go. Danson will expect Maloney to find cheap freebies and low wage loans without any fee what so ever. Basically it will be exactly the same scenario while under the ban.

          Ticketing is a shambles and rather than sorting it in house it’s been given out subbing it out another way to make savings.

          This fans fund ? Wtf is that about ?. I would have thought buying tickets, merchandise,food drinks would have been enough but to ask us to pay for the youth set up ?.
          I kinda get it but the club really need to do a rain check. Do they not realise how much football cost to go then the away days ?.
          Danson should have weighed this up not keeping asking us to dip when the cost of living has literally shot through the roof. I’m beginning to feel the same, our clubs slowly losing its identity to the marketing machine.

          Yes it’s our club and I dipped when the blanket came round at Springfield Park and the supporters club fund raising in admin but I’m done. It’s season ticket, odd away (if I can get a ticket) and I’m done.

          As for rugby 60 year old 65 football ?. There’s no argument to be had there, rugby’s rugby footballs football. What they do has nothing to do with us.
          I don’t know if you simply lose the passion as you get older or the clubs changing face and what was once I’d say a community club is slowly begining to look like a cold calculated faceless self service till.

          I’ve renewed (was a pain in the arse getting code) but I’m not sure if I’ll bother after this. At the end of the day, if we do go up will we be happy been the new Rotherham ?.

          It’s just not there for me any more sad I know but fact

          crammy yickcrammy yick

            I used to subscribe to the fans fund, as under the last ownership i really feared for us, and in my own way my money was going towards keeping the club going should anything catastrophic happen again. I dont subscribe now, because of the complete silence from Danson on anything from the short term to the long term ambition, visiting our games, statements to the supporters, in fact anything at all that would motivate fans to get season tickets for next season, buy replica kit, tell us where we are with the restructure of the backroom, scouting network etc. …. actually say something that shows you are remotely interested in us as a club rather than a business. Of course everyone is grateful for saving us, but thats in the past – what do you actually want from this “venture” – please tell us all, and use your voice for the good of the club and keeping us informed and uplifted, rather than saying nothing, no visibility and seemingly no interest in the fans nor the club – its not too much to ask to actually talk to us .

            I cant believe that at this time where the season ticket renewals are out, there has not been one piece said by him to encourage us to go ahead to buy one.. this is basic business sense ..

            MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

              Totally agree……I’ve been saying for ages that the owners silence doesn’t instill any optimism that we are moving in the right direction. . Season tickets on sale…..a few words could tip the “not sure ” supporters to purchase. Only statements we get are from Maloney and they are as expected. Silence only nurtures suspicion and rumours. We know by all accounts he’s very private and that I understand but an interview would help….a few simple questions answered. Agree about the fans fund……F@@@ me I pay for 2 season ticket,quite a few aways and then feeding a 15 year old constantly through the day!!!…..Enoughs enough….cost of living crisis and squeeze more out of us. The ticketing is a fiasco…..and I for one still stinging from the East stand eviction against Utd. 50/50 if I renew…..I’ll see how we we recruit in the window and what message if any the owner releases.

              cup winnerscup winners

                I don’t think as fans we expect much from the owner as apparently he’s a very private person so there’s nothing wrong with that.
                It would be nice to to have some kind of interaction from our own dedicated CEO. Just some reassurance, direction, outline plans considering as fans what we’ve been through.

                I paid for a season ticket when it didn’t look like we were gonna take part in the up and coming season and I also gave a few bob when we were in admin. I didn’t expect to be asked to pay for the youth set up but there you go.

                I certainly don’t expect a daily update far from it but I feel there’s a distance already forming between fans and whoever’s at the helm. The only info we get is from Maloney.

                I don’t know, it might just be me, an age thing having gone through Whelan’s antics but the club feels clinically cold to me right now. The Utd game showed what it’s about and I still say we could have filled the East quite easily had the club put a little faith in the Wigan fans turning up.

                On one hand I’m just grateful we have a club to go but on the other hand I wouldn’t buy a business without plans to grow and be self sustainable.

                This transfer window is massively important for us and for Maloney, he needs backing. If he isn’t backed and given a half decent wages budget and we basically just trudge along happy just to be alive with no direction then I will have to reconsider renewing my season 25-26 the first time in nearly 40 years.

                Danson’s certainly not in it to make some financial gain that would be laughable but I just hope he invest with the hope of stabilising the club and eventually we can grow.

                The fans fund gives you priority to tickets which I fell it will cause division over loyalty. Those who go every away but cannot afford weekly payments will no doubt miss out and those who don’t and pick n choose away but pay the fans fund can cherry pick.

                I hope I’m wrong, I hope Danson shows his intent and sticks 2 fingers up to me backing Maloney to the hilt but my head says

                Nope that ain’t gonna happen pal it’s all about breadline survival, time will tell

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                • This reply was modified 1 month, 2 weeks ago by cup winnerscup winners.

                The way this Fans Fund thing has been set up is a mistake. As CW says, there’s potential for division between ST holders and FF members over ticket priority.

                Most, although not all, FF members will be ST holders as well. So why not just have a “standard” ST as usual with certain benefits then a “premium” ST for £150 more or whatever, to include the youth funding donation and additional benefits over and above the standard ST?
                No conflict then, pay your money and take your choice of which ST you go for.

                Someone asked me why I was walking away from renewing just because of the debacle last game. It goes much deeper than that sadly.
                This season gone has felt totally different from any other for me in the last 20 years. Hard to describe, but the club feels cold somehow nowadays, not the welcoming place it always was.
                Take the stewarding. It used to be the same people regularly, many you knew by name, now they’re random strangers who treat you like an inconvenience.
                Obviously the style of play didn’t help either, nor did the fixture congestion caused by the international postponements; 3 homes games in a week in late January FFS!
                Sad to say but for me going to the games felt like a chore, not something I spent all week looking forward to. Even under the Chinese Gang and the Bahraini Bandits, the club still had it’s character. Now I’m not sure what it has.

                Danson’s a quiet chap who wants to stay in the background. No problem, his money his choice. But the club is crying out for visible leadership off the field or I really do fear for the future.
                I know from discussions I’m not alone. Many others who’ve been loyal ST holders for 10-20-30-40+ years are seriously questioning whether to renew or not this year.

                Very sad.

                cup winnerscup winners

                  Agree, I’m fully aware that the club has to be run as a business or we’ll be back in the same old boat but don’t trolley us.

                  As for the youth funding ? that for me it’s not the job of the fans to fund because if it doesn’t take off and produce then the finger could potentially be pointed at us for not giving enough.

                  But as I said, it just doesn’t feel right, it doesn’t feel like Wigan Athletic anymore. I do feel sorry for those super loyal fans who are season ticket holders and travel home & away but are not part of the fans funding. I’m sure there’ll be important games were they’ll miss out on tickets due to FFS funders who might pick n choose away days decide to all go.

                  Away tickets should be based on a loyalty away travel voucher type system, the more you go the better chance you have not based on how deep your pockets.

                  The Utd game for me highlighted money over fans and the non believers upstairs who didn’t believe we could fill the East Stand and how even some West Stand ST holders couldn’t retain their seats as big sections were removed from sale and were held for corporate.

                  That clearly shows greed and disregard for their home fans. They could have easily charged Utd fans more just like they’d have screwed us if it had of been at Old Trafford and still made the same amount of money.

                  Yes thank you Mr Danson we are appreciative for saving the club from the abyss but don’t turn us into a cold hearted cash generating club were no one from the board interacts with the fans.

                  Although the Arabs failed miserably Tal Al was instantly taken in by the fans simply by interacting and joining in in person and on social media which was a breath of fresh air and at that time he was loved by all no one can deny that.

                  I don’t expect that but let’s have our own football voice from above like a foreman the middle man between owner and fans because right now the manager is all we have and he’s lips are sealed in fear of the chop.

                  As I said, I’m pretty much sure this will be my last year for a season ticket I’ll pick and choose from then on.
                  It just doesn’t feel the same


                    I reckon there is a valid reason for the silence from the club to the fans, even though the embargo has been lifted I don’t think the owners have much ambition for WAFC and rather than come out with empty promises that they have no intention of keeping they are staying quiet.

                    Now I am not siding with what the owners are doing or rather not doing but I would rather they say nothing rather than build our hopes up, don’t keep the promises then all hell breaks loose when they don’t fulfil what they said they would do. Just my thoughts on the silence!

                    Fuck the EFL


                      I personally have found it totally baffling that our owner Mr Danson has not at least given one interview since taking over the club. A self made billionaire is not shy and is used to talking in public. I actually find it an insulting gesture tbh and although my thanks goes out to him for saving our club, that’s where it ends for me. I don’t like the guy even though I don’t know him.
                      As some people have pointed out the club seems to have lost its soul. last season was probably worse for enjoyment that Ive experienced in my 50 years of supporting the Tics. Some blame I’m sorry to say goes in the direction of Maloney for his poor management of a bloody good talented squad. The football has in the main been dire to watch, the constant change in team selection formation and tactics have left me thinking is he the right man for the job moving forward. I actually walked home from the ground before kick off against Orient due to the team selection and one particular centre forward getting selected when we had far better players on the bench and in the u21’s. Before anyone says it was all about avoiding relegation, for me no it wasn’t, it was about getting the best out of the squad we had and has we all saw from the first 10 games and last 3 or 4, we could beat anyone. So for me last season was bit of a Shyte show for many reasons.
                      I have renewed my season ticket, for no other reason that I love Wigan Athletic and nothing will ever change that. It would take more than a ticket office balls up to prevent me renewing again tbh. Latics have been my life for the past 50 years, I’m a bit old in the tooth to spit my dummy out for something like that. However, I would like our owner to give us some visibility next season and actually demonstrate in person that this is not just a toy that he can pick up and throw away if the balance sheet doesn’t make good reading. I also want SM to show us that he can manage a game for more than 45 mins and can identify his best starting 11 and stop the 4 and 5 even 8 changes each game so we can get cohesion and consistency. If it means finishing half way up the league again so beit but lets get players playing with freedom again.

                      From Matlock to ManU
                      What a journey!

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