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Not sure if I’m renewing either. I’ve emailed club on 2 occasions….no reply. Was given email…..maybe that’s duff !!!I had simple question regarding senior citizens discount. 60 years and above for rugby 65 and above for football. Same ownership….seems unfair to me. Sent polite email…..nothing. Maybe someone can enlighten me as to this being correct email address. Agree about the feel a present…….I feel as if the club I knew is being eroded. Rudderless.

Thanks, I’ve used that email address as well as the info@wigan etc as well as the published ticket office email address.

Bottom line is the club have breached their contract with me and in the absence of a proper response I’m going to have to take legal action. That may be credit card “section 75” claim or county court breach of contract action.

Having supported the club through thick and thin, well ok, thin, over the last 5 years especially, how has it got to this? Why is the club so badly run? Who is actually running the ship day to day because I’d like a chat with them.

Is JT still a supporters rep?