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    The club’s going to be stripped back to it’s bare bones staffing wise and I kept pointing out to those who said “Wait till the transfer embargo ends!!”, that won’t make a sod of difference.
    The ticketing has been subbed out so Im sure ticketing staff will be the first to go. Danson will expect Maloney to find cheap freebies and low wage loans without any fee what so ever. Basically it will be exactly the same scenario while under the ban.

    Ticketing is a shambles and rather than sorting it in house it’s been given out subbing it out another way to make savings.

    This fans fund ? Wtf is that about ?. I would have thought buying tickets, merchandise,food drinks would have been enough but to ask us to pay for the youth set up ?.
    I kinda get it but the club really need to do a rain check. Do they not realise how much football cost to go then the away days ?.
    Danson should have weighed this up not keeping asking us to dip when the cost of living has literally shot through the roof. I’m beginning to feel the same, our clubs slowly losing its identity to the marketing machine.

    Yes it’s our club and I dipped when the blanket came round at Springfield Park and the supporters club fund raising in admin but I’m done. It’s season ticket, odd away (if I can get a ticket) and I’m done.

    As for rugby 60 year old 65 football ?. There’s no argument to be had there, rugby’s rugby footballs football. What they do has nothing to do with us.
    I don’t know if you simply lose the passion as you get older or the clubs changing face and what was once I’d say a community club is slowly begining to look like a cold calculated faceless self service till.

    I’ve renewed (was a pain in the arse getting code) but I’m not sure if I’ll bother after this. At the end of the day, if we do go up will we be happy been the new Rotherham ?.

    It’s just not there for me any more sad I know but fact