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crammy yickcrammy yick

    I used to subscribe to the fans fund, as under the last ownership i really feared for us, and in my own way my money was going towards keeping the club going should anything catastrophic happen again. I dont subscribe now, because of the complete silence from Danson on anything from the short term to the long term ambition, visiting our games, statements to the supporters, in fact anything at all that would motivate fans to get season tickets for next season, buy replica kit, tell us where we are with the restructure of the backroom, scouting network etc. …. actually say something that shows you are remotely interested in us as a club rather than a business. Of course everyone is grateful for saving us, but thats in the past – what do you actually want from this “venture” – please tell us all, and use your voice for the good of the club and keeping us informed and uplifted, rather than saying nothing, no visibility and seemingly no interest in the fans nor the club – its not too much to ask to actually talk to us .

    I cant believe that at this time where the season ticket renewals are out, there has not been one piece said by him to encourage us to go ahead to buy one.. this is basic business sense ..