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    I don’t think as fans we expect much from the owner as apparently he’s a very private person so there’s nothing wrong with that.
    It would be nice to to have some kind of interaction from our own dedicated CEO. Just some reassurance, direction, outline plans considering as fans what we’ve been through.

    I paid for a season ticket when it didn’t look like we were gonna take part in the up and coming season and I also gave a few bob when we were in admin. I didn’t expect to be asked to pay for the youth set up but there you go.

    I certainly don’t expect a daily update far from it but I feel there’s a distance already forming between fans and whoever’s at the helm. The only info we get is from Maloney.

    I don’t know, it might just be me, an age thing having gone through Whelan’s antics but the club feels clinically cold to me right now. The Utd game showed what it’s about and I still say we could have filled the East quite easily had the club put a little faith in the Wigan fans turning up.

    On one hand I’m just grateful we have a club to go but on the other hand I wouldn’t buy a business without plans to grow and be self sustainable.

    This transfer window is massively important for us and for Maloney, he needs backing. If he isn’t backed and given a half decent wages budget and we basically just trudge along happy just to be alive with no direction then I will have to reconsider renewing my season 25-26 the first time in nearly 40 years.

    Danson’s certainly not in it to make some financial gain that would be laughable but I just hope he invest with the hope of stabilising the club and eventually we can grow.

    The fans fund gives you priority to tickets which I fell it will cause division over loyalty. Those who go every away but cannot afford weekly payments will no doubt miss out and those who don’t and pick n choose away but pay the fans fund can cherry pick.

    I hope I’m wrong, I hope Danson shows his intent and sticks 2 fingers up to me backing Maloney to the hilt but my head says

    Nope that ain’t gonna happen pal it’s all about breadline survival, time will tell

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