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    Agree, I’m fully aware that the club has to be run as a business or we’ll be back in the same old boat but don’t trolley us.

    As for the youth funding ? that for me it’s not the job of the fans to fund because if it doesn’t take off and produce then the finger could potentially be pointed at us for not giving enough.

    But as I said, it just doesn’t feel right, it doesn’t feel like Wigan Athletic anymore. I do feel sorry for those super loyal fans who are season ticket holders and travel home & away but are not part of the fans funding. I’m sure there’ll be important games were they’ll miss out on tickets due to FFS funders who might pick n choose away days decide to all go.

    Away tickets should be based on a loyalty away travel voucher type system, the more you go the better chance you have not based on how deep your pockets.

    The Utd game for me highlighted money over fans and the non believers upstairs who didn’t believe we could fill the East Stand and how even some West Stand ST holders couldn’t retain their seats as big sections were removed from sale and were held for corporate.

    That clearly shows greed and disregard for their home fans. They could have easily charged Utd fans more just like they’d have screwed us if it had of been at Old Trafford and still made the same amount of money.

    Yes thank you Mr Danson we are appreciative for saving the club from the abyss but don’t turn us into a cold hearted cash generating club were no one from the board interacts with the fans.

    Although the Arabs failed miserably Tal Al was instantly taken in by the fans simply by interacting and joining in in person and on social media which was a breath of fresh air and at that time he was loved by all no one can deny that.

    I don’t expect that but let’s have our own football voice from above like a foreman the middle man between owner and fans because right now the manager is all we have and he’s lips are sealed in fear of the chop.

    As I said, I’m pretty much sure this will be my last year for a season ticket I’ll pick and choose from then on.
    It just doesn’t feel the same