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    I personally have found it totally baffling that our owner Mr Danson has not at least given one interview since taking over the club. A self made billionaire is not shy and is used to talking in public. I actually find it an insulting gesture tbh and although my thanks goes out to him for saving our club, that’s where it ends for me. I don’t like the guy even though I don’t know him.
    As some people have pointed out the club seems to have lost its soul. last season was probably worse for enjoyment that Ive experienced in my 50 years of supporting the Tics. Some blame I’m sorry to say goes in the direction of Maloney for his poor management of a bloody good talented squad. The football has in the main been dire to watch, the constant change in team selection formation and tactics have left me thinking is he the right man for the job moving forward. I actually walked home from the ground before kick off against Orient due to the team selection and one particular centre forward getting selected when we had far better players on the bench and in the u21’s. Before anyone says it was all about avoiding relegation, for me no it wasn’t, it was about getting the best out of the squad we had and has we all saw from the first 10 games and last 3 or 4, we could beat anyone. So for me last season was bit of a Shyte show for many reasons.
    I have renewed my season ticket, for no other reason that I love Wigan Athletic and nothing will ever change that. It would take more than a ticket office balls up to prevent me renewing again tbh. Latics have been my life for the past 50 years, I’m a bit old in the tooth to spit my dummy out for something like that. However, I would like our owner to give us some visibility next season and actually demonstrate in person that this is not just a toy that he can pick up and throw away if the balance sheet doesn’t make good reading. I also want SM to show us that he can manage a game for more than 45 mins and can identify his best starting 11 and stop the 4 and 5 even 8 changes each game so we can get cohesion and consistency. If it means finishing half way up the league again so beit but lets get players playing with freedom again.

    From Matlock to ManU
    What a journey!