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    Great to read the ever ending optimism has extended to the close season

    It’s not about “optimism and what’s going to happen it’s just how the club has changed as though there’s a 2nd agenda something suss going on in the background.

    As I previously stated I hope Danson proves me and others who feel the same wrong with a show of intent and two fingers up to all the non optimistic supporters but as it stands it feels different.

    I think we all want reassurance, fans just want to see the club talking & communicating with us all at ground level we and take on board and feel were all in it together and see what long term plans are been put in place rather than been fed info hand to mouth (if any) or total silence.

    You only have to look at Tal Al attending the supporters club then on social media the banter fans were made up. Fans want this, owners and board communication of some sort but now it just,


    And the latest I heard there’s gonna be a fair few made redundant in the comings few months.
    It feels like we’re just to be grateful and told to sit on your hands and just be thankful don’t get me wrong I am grateful but I honestly thought Wigan owner it’s DW part2 he’s one of our own but it’s far from it it feels more like the hooded claw.

    We’ve gone from what I’d describe as, a small family feel based club little Wigan taking the urine to a “give us your money and ushed” club

    Things might improve and I hopefully feel different and more optimistic by Christmas after a show of intent by the club but, as it stands and last season the feelings I have right now?, I don’t know, it just doesn’t feel right to me.

    Plenty I know don’t go to night matches they have dropped off (and ex super loyal fans) and some have stopped going altogether due to all the sh*t we’ve been through and the cost of living.

    I’m 1 of a few who have a season ticket out my lot again lots deciding to pick and choose Sat games and ifollow didn’t help as well showing mid week games on a cold wet & windy Tuesday.

    Anyway let’s hope someone from the Danson brigade come clean and point out to us uncertain fans any future plans now the transfer bans gone but I personally don’t think they will.
    Also for me, one guy can’t be the CEO of 2 codes and give it 100% to both impossible.
    I hope we can start building and from tomorrow onwards when alot of contracts end we can see positive signs and were all reassured and any doubts are put to bed

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