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Every fan has a right to say what they feel without having someone being angry abd abusive towards them.
That post was abusive and un-called for Runcorn.
Why not try and understand what has caused them to feel that way?, I can see it although I choose to look forward to see what happens in the next few months.
If anyone had said to me you will go to the ground on match day have a drink then walk the 2 and 1/2 miles home before kick off, just cos of the team selection, I would have laughed at them, but I did it.
Lets just hope that Danson becomes more visible and Maloney changes his tactics and stops the constant team changes.
I would sooner finish in the bottom half going out to win every game than top half playing like we did for most of last season.
I also hope the owner shows us that he at least “likes” our club and is not just a business man hoping to make a few bob every year, whilst our club treads water in league one and two, with no commitment to doing anything else. Time will tell.
There is no doubt however that crowds will be down next season, thats the general vibe Im getting after talking to people, some stalwarts and reading stuff on social media. So be it, there is only the owner along with the manager, his staff and players can change things, by getting it right on the pitch. I don’t mean winning every game, I mean being competitive in every game and providing at least a bit of entertainment in doing so.

Of course it is called for. It wasn’t that long ago when we nearly lost this club AGAIN! And folks like yourself (whom I’m surprised at BTW) walking home due to the team selection. Once again, FFS!

You spoke of your disappointment in an earlier post with regards a certain striker being picked over others. If it’s the same striker I’m thinking of, he has now gone.

Last season was always going to be a make do with what we have kind of season. I for one am looking forward to seeing how the project develops.

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