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      8 points deducted but Talal reckons £10million plus heading our way for next season.
      So why not use some of that to put in the wages holding account?.

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        And legal action pending from Jasmi regarding the new 4 point deduction


        At 12.00 today the owners took perhaps half a tentative step forward towards regaining trust.

        By 13.00 they had taken 4 steps backwards.

        What a joke they’ve turned our much loved club into. This cannot go on.

        How utterly arrogant, selfish and contemptuous towards their customers and employees to issue that 2nd statement threatening legal action for THEIR failure to honour an agreement THEY had signed up to. Had they kept their side of the agreement in January to deposit the 125% wages this mess would not have happened. Threats of legal action are a sick joke for those who were paid late 5 times.

        The EFL have been strangely quiet about any future penalties. I think they are trying to avoid being boxed into a corner over what happens next.

        I’d love to know who sanctioned putting out that 2nd statement. It is in a nutshell failing to accept the jurisdiction of the EFL and the disciplinary process and the club and/or owner could well be charged with bringing the game into disrepute or some such charge.

        We are in absolute sh!t trouble, if anyone’s still in any doubt about that.

        Angry, you bet I am. :negative: :negative:

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          I agree but I can see the stupid logic in our owners remark.

          So lets say for figures sake our monthly outgoings in total are £1.5million. The EFL then want us to put £1.875million spare cash we haven’t got into a holding account.This money now would have to be taken from next years yearly budget.

          The club has shown the EFL (who have accepted proof) we will soon to have £10million plus to cover next years running cost a very super tight budget.

          So the EFL now want us to take out next year’s money nearly £2million to sit in a dormant account as a safety net incase wages are late.

          Then if they are late use the money and replenish. So basically the £2million is dead unusable till June 2024 slashing next year’s paper thin budget by a fifth overnight.

          Jasmi’s thinking is I’ve just shown proof like all the other owners would have to do so really there should be no need for this money to be sat dead in an account.

          Look chaps I’m not agreeing I merely pointing out what he’s probably thinking.
          I personally suggest that every EFL club should do this 125% account then every player and staff can feel safe in the knowledge they’ll always get paid that month.

          And Jasmi agreed with the EFL to open the account ?, he was told to do it, I very much doubt he ever whole heartedly agreed with their plan or he would have already done it by now. We couldn’t do it last year simply because we’re skint we’d not a pot to p1ss in.

          I see both sides and disagree with our owners they should abide by the EFL ruling but I think thats why Jasmi has mentioned sueing the EFL


          Major sponser pulled out toneet.

          The slippery slope. :wacko:


          A “National Treasure” has been exposed as a liar and a cheat tonight, so where does that leave Talal and cronies expecting the benefit of the doubt? :negative:

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            So what do we think we should do? protest and make them leave asap? or ask them to sell oh and keep paying the bills till a buyer is found please chaps.

            I’m not defending Jasmi and Talal what I’m pointing out is, the situation were in and our options right now as it stands.

            So whether you like them or not someone has to pay the wages and bills that’s the stark reality of any business, if you don’t it’s administration or unless so dashing knight in gleaming armour rides in with a bag of more dodgey money and saves the day.

            Like I previously pointed out, to survive in administration and try to carry on till sold you sell stock,

            The Latics cupboard is currently bare,

            So the stark reality of our current situation is (unlike last time) we’d be under I’d say in a fortnight, a month tops that’s not made up rubbish.

            I see no option but to hope they do have this £10 million, we do get to July when all the big earners have gone and we can start from the bottom up.
            Or the other option is pray for an ex-Wiganer come along and plough £20-£30million in and secure our club for the next few years.

            Tbh I’m not sure I could stand back like DW has and watch this all happen. You can’t take it with you


              CW is right, demanding they get out the club right now won’t help.

              I’ve not been happy with the owners/chairman since they sacked Leam but they are the only chance the club has to get through this


                We can’t just let our club die a death of a thousand cuts. These owners have to go ,we have to force them out. Surely ,there must be a local consortium that can be put together. We are not asking them to plough endless amounts of money in ,just live within our means and gradually progress. It’s our centenary in nine years ,let’s make sure we are still here as a club to celebrate it.


                We have to take our chance in the shark infested waters. The bridge is being consumed in a raging inferno before our eyes.

                If this lot stay, we die 100%.

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                  These owners have to go ,we have to force them out. Surely ,there must be a local consortium that can be put together.

                  Were? I’ve not heard of anyone or heard anyone mentioning buying the club. Protesting and getting the owners to leave will be like cutting off your nose to spite your face.
                  The one thing that really gets right on my fcukin nerves is,
                  THEY made all these big money calls, Brannigan, players on daft money, 3 managers in as many months, decisions that put us were we are but now their making us suffer the consequences.
                  You would think they would put their hands up and say “Sorry, we got it oh so wrong we’ll put that right he goes £xxxxxxx amount it’s our fault let’s start again and get it right”, but oh no they’ve punished us and basically got us relegated single handedly.
                  Their fcukin mistake, they should rectify and for a so called quote “Super rich” owner he’s not willing to part with much when it was them who totally screwed up the budget.

                  But like I said the worse thing that could possibly happen right is they leave. I shudder to think what would happen if they upped sticks and immediately left. This club would cease to be in under a month.

                  Everyone needs to take a deep deep breath and hope for the best. The big problem we have is this holding account, what happens now ?. The EFL still want us to sort it Jasmi is clearly against it and is point blank refusing to sort it out.
                  Are we looking at more deductions another 4 ? When and how will it end ?.


                  We are not asking them to plough endless amounts of money in ,just live within our means and gradually progress.

                  You could count the number of the 92 football league clubs that live within their means on one hand, and probably have fingers to spare. As long as stupid wages are paid relative to income at the turnstiles, sponsorships and any other revenue streams, then you have a failed business model. However, unless stupid wages are paid, then you end up with lesser quality players and tumble down the football pyramid.

                  In terms of local owners, they have been conspicious by their absence for the past 7 or 8 years, since Whelan decided to sell up, but only to someone with the best interests of Wigan Athletic at heart. I know you dont want to hear it, but he started this process by flogging the club to someone that didnt meet his stated criteria. You’d have been in a better place financially with the Whelan family still owning it and playing L2 football.

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                    There are lots of clubs living on a fianatual tight rope trying to balance shoe string budgets. West Brom could be following in our footsteps. No more parachute payments and a £20million loan that needs paying up.
                    They have an Asian one man owner who it flatlet refusing to speak to anyone. Let’s see if the EFL treat them like they’ve treated us.


                      Let’s see what happens but the bottom line is these owners are no good for the club and will drag us into oblivion. That second four point points deduction really did it for me. It was completely unnecessary and has made us a complete laughing stock. They could not even raise the funds for 125% months wages and deposit it with the EFL , REALLY ? I doubt very much if this eight figure investment sum will materialise even if it does why did they not use some of it to pay the EFL and stop the four point deduction ? they had plenty of notice. I will always be a supporter and will carry on watching Latics but these chancers are driving fans away, a support base that has taken years to build up and is now respectable will be reduced to a few thousand ‘die hards’. Sponsors are also ,unsurprisingly ,starting to pull the plug as they don’t want to be associated with such an untrustworthy regime . This downward spiral has to be stopped , before it’s too late !


                      They could have at least put a low but moderate amount in the holding account to try and appease the EFL, and claimed that this was their anticipated monthly wages budget for 23/24. That way they would have met the agreement to lodge the funds, despite the estimate being on the low side :yes: :yes: :yes:

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