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    Latics local competition for crowds are the city clubs from Manchester and Liverpool.
    Mutty you really are a silly billy.
    Moderators how do you allow these Rugby Fools on this board.

    Tez HTerry Hill
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    Do you actually proof-read your stuff before you type it, or are you really so full of bullshit that you don’t realise it….

    You have effectively said that the rugby get 13000 in a league full of derbies, then go on to say the football only get that figure because of all the local competition. Are the local competition in football not derbies, like the rugby, or are the other rugby clubs not local competition like the football? Don’t forget too that Wigan Warriors also have to compete for support with all these “other sports” fans, as money is in short supply and many will have to make a choice between attending a rugby or a football fixture.

    Despite these tough economic times, are you also aware that it is over a decade since Wigan Warriors last had a home regular season league game at the DW watched by less than 10,000 people?

    Now get your head out of your arse and get your ST bought, tight wad.

    Ironic post of the year award to Mutts, considering the 600 / 6000 comments on this very same fred- awaiting the proof on both of those still
    Wigan rugby fans are also Man United & Liverpool pub dwellers so they don’t go either or both I’m afraid mutts whereas if you support Latics, in the majority of cases you go the game. It’s a daft town if truth be known.

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    For those travelling to Bristol & thinking of parking at Bedminster Cricket Club. they have posted a note advising there is no parking allowed on Saturday. Their diary shows two home matches! WAFC posted this as a parking option on their website.

    Bars open though :cheer:

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)
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