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    cup winnerscup winners

      I just hope Jasmi and Talal have sorted out the holding account with 125% of the wage bill in it by midnight otherwise we’ll be starting next season -8 points.

      MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

        Better be or I’ll do same and withdraw my payment plan………

        cup winnerscup winners

          I see our player retain list is out,
          Sorry, I’ll rephrase that,
          I see our player release list is out,


          If the 125% isn’t in the account on time I think -8 points is the least of our worries.

          I think they (the EFL) will set a deadline for the money to be put in the account (like 31 May) or we don’t start next season. It really is that serious.

          For once, it’s hard to knock the EFL over all this. The extra 3 points being deducted from 22-23 could very well have been put on 23-24 with the other 4 points.

          This week will be pivotel and likely not in a good way. Anyone not worried by now isn’t paying attention!


            The silence from the owners and directors is scary.

            I can’t see the EFL continuing to deduct points because it affects the integrity of the league.

            My prediction is Hartlepool will get a reprieve from relegation to non league.

            I really really hope that money is in that account 🙏

            cup winnerscup winners

              The EFL did confirm they previously were shown by Talal a substantial 7 figure sum of investment money (reputed to be £8 million) which is all well and good.
              What they need to do to stop further punishment is, transfer some of that money to arnew escrow holding type account and show them that.

              I just hope to friggin God they’ve done it. If not the noose will just keep tightening with EFL sanctions and points to the point we will be unsellable.

              I can stick 20k in mine via a well off relative for a day but it doesn’t fookin mean it’s mine

              MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

                Don’t bank on this lot …..totally unreliable. Kendrick rekons they’ve till midnight today to deposit it and rumours are the cupboard is still bare. If they have to scramble around at the 12th hour then we are completely F###### with these owners. 4 pts deducted next season my arse….pretty certain it could be treble that…..that’s if there is a next season!!!!

                cup winnerscup winners

                  Well to me it just doesn’t make sense that’s if they don’t show proof. The EFL confirmed that they showed them a high 7 figure sum (supposedly around £8million) as proof of funds but the 125% was not in place in a separate account.
                  If they do it ? fine the panics over but if they don’t then it can’t be only one of two things:-

                  1) The money they showed the EFL was not there’s,

                  2) They have some kind of hidden agenda regarding our club whether it’s to sell in the not so distant future or force the administration in.

                  That last thing we need is more points deducted, without this holding account in place there’s no safety net incase we cannot pay the wages again.

                  This would automatically another 3 points deduction making it 11 and 3 from last year 14.

                  This is like a slow death stringing it out

                  Are we sure Jasmi & Talal aren’t from Bolton ??

                  MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

                    They are certainly one thing……not transparent!!!


                      What I don’t understand , is all this talk of a retained list . McClean staying on .. Power [ possibly ] in negotation about a contract extension .. is it all bullshit ?? :-(

                      cup winnerscup winners

                        @Italia good question, I’m not sure about McClean and what’s going on with him but I was told just after the last game that Power was 100% leaving by someone who knows him personally.
                        Two reasons, big drop in money and he wants to play in the Championship. Now he might double back on that but that’s what I heard.
                        As for the rest bar 4-5 I couldn’t give a shit. If McClean stops he’s 2 jobs to do and that’s it,

                        Score against Bolton away

                        Score against Bolton at home

                        And both times folded arms in front the inbreds

                        cup winnerscup winners

                          Well deadline day has come and gone and with no news regarding the 125% wage account it’s looking more and more likely we will be deducted another 4 points.

                          Then if we miss wages again like the 5 times last season then it will be 3 points everytime we do.

                          If you want my gut feeling ?, they are about to announce the sale of our club. If they do intend to stay for the long term then I’m afraid they’ll turn our club into a derelict bomb site.

                          Trust us to get the Steptoe & Son of Bahrain, someone better step in asap or there’s no goods to flash sell bar Whelan’s statue


                            Also very noticeable to me , is the fact th that Alan Nixon is strangely silent ???… can’t believe for a second he’s not loking at this ..


                              Sorry for typos ..on phone ..not laptop ;-)

                              cup winnerscup winners

                                I’m sure Nixon is buzzing around like fly round sh1t but if our owners are holding their cards very close to their chest and release nothing then there’s nothing Alan Nixon can report on other than speculation.

                                Nixon loves a bit of the old gossip = twitter hits that’s for sure.

                                By all accounts our owners have requested an extension to sorting this account, let’s face it, they’ve only had since last October 2022 to put it in place .
                                Now before I get slated and I have to dawn my trusty tin hat I just wonder if their trying to clear up the simple matter of how much needs to be placed in this account.

                                125% of wage bill now?,
                                125% of wages come 1st July.

                                Although we have released a few players most are still on the payroll till the 30th of June, these are:-

                                Power (?)
                                Jamie Jones

                                The players below are due to leave the payroll pretty soon on the 31st May are:-


                                7 more players will leave the payroll come June 30th compared to only possible 4 possibly 5 players go next week May 31th.

                                Then we have the band of loanees who are all due back, these need to go asap.

                                My point to all this is, as it stands the majority of the cutbacks won’t start till June 30th 7 players and when the loan players get sent out or sold as opposed to 4 possible 5 players due to leave the wagebill on the 31st May.

                                If the EFL require proof of funds for 125% of the wage bill for May rather than July then there’s going to be a huge difference in the amount they need to put away.

                                But my argument to all this, the bit I cannot fathom out , Jasmi / Talal showed the EFL a upper 7 figure amount for towards next year’s running cost.
                                Simply take some of of this 7 figure amount running cost money and stick it into the account for the EFL to see.

                                This is getting all abit too much plus add the lack of transparency and honesty and its turning into a Circus act were all the clowns cause mayhem.

                                Anymore of this crap and there won’t be a next season, we’ll go down faster than Bambi Woods in Debbie Does Dallas.

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