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      Well, this has emerged today.

      Real or fake?


        I was looking forward to the takeover but I’m really apprehensive about it all now, Now all this is out in the open someone at the club should say something.


          Looking like the 8th richest familly in asia cheng familly taking control

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            Personal opinion is that the takeover is real. How other could we explain keeping all our best players at the window and actually bringing in more players.
            The sort of money we turned down for Powell alone is unheard of unless there is some really serious money coming in.
            Who knows our meteoric rise under Dave Whelan may about to be replicated.


              Simple our new chairman is already at the club and is running it behind the scenes untill deal is done garry cook

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                Can see in the future hundreds of thousands of people wearing Latics replica kits across the far East. With Sky making inroads into the far East Wigan Athletic FC could easily be looking at global markets and certainly could be a massive name in China and the Far East. Gates won’t even matter one little bit.


                I don’t know what any of this means but here is some info on them from Reuters:



                  Honest opinion? Dodgy as anything. Very very concerned about this. An Hong Kong ‘Entertainment firm’ that was started off in the Cayman Islands…. Good old tax dodging place.

                  I am very very skeptical about this and have a bad feeling that we are about to enter the beginning of a nightmare.

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                    I noticed the deal is for Wigan Athletic Holdings. I presume then they will be taking over the lot then, Latics and Stadium.


                      Beats Big Billy Kenyon!

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                        If worst came to worst Vat we could start up again as a fan based club and work our way up through the pyramid like Wimbledon. Nothing can ever take our Sunshine away.


                        What is really interesting is that the deal, if made, will be for both Wigan Athletic AFC and for Wigan Football Club. The latter owns the stadium.
                        Now, I am quite sure that the HK group have not the slightest clue what rugby league is. They see acquisition of the ground as part and parcel of owning the football club, and maybe a foot in the door of their stock-in-trade, hospitality, dining, maybe expansion into hotel (small one on the site of Sharpy’s chippy?)
                        What they will not want is a pitch messing up chances of achieving Premier League status by being churned up by something they don’t understand.
                        Whelan is a Wiganer and so to his credit wanted success for both the town’s teams. The Cheng family will have no qualms about giving them the boot.

                        And, Dave. They are amongst the richest business people in Asia, and that really is saying something. Their business web is highly complex and their will be some parts when looked at in isolation will appear odd to us mere mortals. But the prospect that they are buying into, the prospect of having bought relatively cheaply a club that could get to the PL (as opposed for example to Shrewsbury who with all respect to them are unlikely to do that – we have!) is one worth investing in. There isn’t much to asset strip at Wigan, so I’d go with the idea that this will be good for us.

                        And if not, it all adds to the rollercoaster that supporting Latics brings.


                          Nah Big Bill was a real diamond geezer skint himself funding the Latics, cough cough.


                            Major changes in every aspect of life arouses worry, scepticism and suspicion, it is human nature. Hands up who wasn’t just a little worried when we first heard that Dave Whelan was taking over the Latics and planning to get us to the PL in ten years? I was certainley sceptical and suspicious. if not wholeheartedly worried.
                            These people are businessmen and football with its global markets is big business these days. It is that big now that mere multi millionaires like Dave Whelan are finding it harder and harder to compete at the highest level.
                            This major new investment will hopefully be able to move us back up a level or two and allow us to be able to compete at the highest level of English football.
                            It may take a while as we have lost a lot of ground and money since we left the PL, but hopefully , and I keep stressing the word hopefully as nothing can be be taken for granted, this investment could help gain us a return to the top league again soon.
                            Champions League in 10 years anyone?

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