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      Somebody compared this team to a Kenny Swains version of the 90s but I wholeheartedly disagree with that.
      His lot were made up of ex pub team players , has beens and throwaway players that other clubs didn’t want.
      He had sod all to spend but cobbled together what he had and tried to keep the team in the fourth division with great difficulty.
      Effort was there and they did what they could on a budgie seed budget in a run down stadium with 1200 supporters.
      This lot are on far more money and I hear opinions that they are putting the effort in ???
      What I saw yesterday was a sorry bunch disrespecting 2000 supporters who’d travelled and paid good money to watch players tapping the the ball around like they were warming up before a game and a friendly pre season game at somewhere like Bamber Bridge at that.
      Tip tapping it around with no real intent or busting the gut trying to attack or digging deep to try and score a goal.
      Blackpool just sat back and must have been laughing their heads off at the lack of desire and effort in our players and that blame has to lie with them.
      I have seen some sorry performances over the years from Latics and I didn’t think I could see anything worse but that yesterday made me ashamed and so sorry for our travelling supporters.
      I have witnessed ordinary players and that swain team had far less ability but I’d have had the 90s versions of Kilford and Rimmer on that pitch yesterday over any of them.
      I hear rumours and talk he is bringing 7 kids in ,well FFS do it Shaun , no words of apology are required just do it !
      I’d take league 2 and players that try over that rubbish yesterday way day and if we have to sink as low as that but see a club reborn and with a clear long term plan and future I will take that

      cup winnerscup winners

        The kids have to be integrated into a squad of experienced players and not the “What the fcuk you doing lad !!” kind of player.

        It’s the same sh”t same words from Wigan managers regarding playing young lads. I mean, we went into admin and we fcukin loaned out Lang the most experienced younger lad at the club which says alot about how we treat them.
        Let’s take the young lad Luke Brennnan we signed from Blackburn. A pacey wide player 22 this year he signed a 2 year pro deal in 2018 with Blackburn. We pick him up after he was released were he’d spent 12 years at and were is he ??? exactly, the lads not 17 – 18 he’s coming up to 22 but treated as a kid.
        He’s at a club were we treat pace and wingers as though their carrying bubonic plague. I bet if he knew this he’d have steer clear.

        Maloney will be another who will say “Their not quite ready” then end up signing some 32 year old crocked player on his 2nd cruciate who played 50 games for a Prem club back in 2013 while a feisty 21 year old sits and wonders why.

        When your at the last stop saloon knowing a a loss against a relegation rival will virtually send you down you clod them all out the week after but Maloney won’t, for me he’s not got the balls.

        This clubs in a very dark place. Normally you get either the team not playing or a boardroom problem but when you get both ? it’s a spiralling out of control car crash with no one at the helm.

        We’ve had this youth policy were their never ready for years Paul Cook been a grade1 tvvat for never trying one or two.

        Maloney has a massive job on his hands and I hope we get shut of all the crap money grabbers and that includes Wyke

      Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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