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      At the end of the day what was our owners meant to do?, carry on because LR performed miracles the other year
      Sack him and have 4 weeks to appoint a new manager and the a Jan window were we can hopefully bring one or two in and not to warm the bench a flaw LR was a master of.

      What were they meant to do ? Try staying loyal to a Manager they had only just given a three year contract to for starters. I really think the Chairman and Directors have made themselves look foolish and you have to wonder what the hell is going on behind the scenes at the club.


      As much as I like Leam & will forever be grateful for what he has done, the football we were playing under Leam was not the greatest. It was just about tolerable in league 1. But in the championship you will be found out if you continue to play hoofball. Yes! We got off to a good start. But teams now know how to play against us. We have become very easy to play against. And Leam never seemed to learn from his mistakes sadly.

      cup winnerscup winners

        I personally feel they gave him a new contact as a golden handshake/payoff for all the good he’d done through the dark times.

        You can’t tell me they hadn’t been discussing recent form and results prior to him signing a new deal. I can’t ever remember any club doing what we have done, new deal then sack so for me it was a goodwill gesture.

        Our owners aren’t that stupid believe you me


        Strategically it is not a well thought out action. What sort of message does it send to any potential Managers who are thinking about throwing their hat in the ring. One minute their blowing smoke up Liam’s backside, then days later he’s out on his ear. Has Liam rumbled the the true intent of the owners with regards to the future of the club? As they say, “there’s no smoke without fire”. I think any potential candidate with an ounce of sense will steer clear of this snake pit, unless they see it as an opportunity to make a quick dollar.
        The club have to act swiftly and openly to steady the confidence of the fan base ! Maybe they will announce their plan after today’s game?

        If they appoint that mon Evans, that’s my season ticket in the shredder :negative: :negative: :bye:


          I have to agree with Cup Winners here. The same thought had been running through my mind! There was no big fanfare over the new contract, and Liam was called over to Bahrain for no apparent reason. I too thought perhaps he was told “You’ve got another couple of games to turn it around, but we recognise all that you’ve done, so this will make the sack smoother!”

        Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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