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      Mr Brownbill,

      This summer will tell us all we need to know about Dansons intentions with us. Once that embargo is lifted, we will see by what activity we do in bringing players in. I’m talking realistic. If its all freebies and has beens and never will be types, you can write next season off as well. As it stands, we could even end up Lg2 next season yet. Maybe that is the real expectation and reasoning behind Stones loan to Oldham, to get him firing at a lower level.

      It’s highly unlikely we will still have Tickle and Hughes next season, so we will be weaker still. Looks like they’re trying to ready Carragher for next season…obviously Morrison, Watts and Rekik won’t be here then either. If Tickle and Hughes do go, some of that money has to be used ro bring players in. But will it be? I’m not convinced.
      And we will be lighter still by other players contracts ending…and no chance of renewing as we are desperate to get shut of their wages anyway.

      It’s still a massive mess and there’s not enough clarity at all. I can just see another young side next season, minus Tickle and Hughes. If we don’t go down this season, it will be more likely next.
      Danson needs to be careful because if its apparent we arent going to have a go at bringing players in when the embargo is lifted, I can see supporters holding off renewing Season Tickets or dropping off altogether.


      I agree VAT69, and if we sell our crown jewels and don’t re-invest; or worse still sell for a pittance, then I might finally throw in the towel. Gave the new ownership the benefit of the doubt this season, but next season will be the “season of truth” as we see the what strategy and level of commitment is unveiled.

      Sadly it doesn’t feel optimistic. No smoke without fire, but can’t even see the smoke !!!


        I’ve been told Jensen Weir would have cost us around £1500 per week on loan. And we couldn’t afford to get him back.

        I said yesterday that apart from the big stadium we have, which is like a noose around our neck in a way, the club is League 2/Non league at best at the moment. The infrastructure just isn’t there. I’m still worried we will do an Oldham yet.
        The old club died that day we went into admin after beating Stoke 3 nil. That god awful day.
        This is a completely different set up now…it really is. All that remains is the stadium, and the 8/9 thousand die-hards. We could end up a big club in non league.

      Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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