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    The cig card is on George’s site and I’m pretty sure Ron Hunt holds the original:Right at the bottom
    The 1925/6 photo was sent to me many years ago by a bloke in Shevington. I’m not putting any details up here because he’s in his 70’s and won’t appreciate being mithered. It’s pretty widely available and the cheeky gets have used part of it on that new book – “Wigan Borough in the Football League – A Complete record and Who’s Who 1921-1931”
    Send me a mail if you want a copy

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    On a cig card I’ve got somewhere, they wore white shirts and shorts in 1925 and a photo for 1925/6 has them in plain gold shirts and white shorts

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    It merged with Mudhutter and Not a Patch On to form This Northern Soul about 12 months ago. Have you been away somewhere?
    If you sign up you’ll be able to chorve him

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    Thought you didn’t post on here Danny :mrgreen: ;)

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    By that reckoning Tevez should have had two red cards :oops:

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    Should have gone to Specsavers mate :oops:

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    “of the 5 panelists last night 3 of them got their degrees from oxford or cambridge – one of those 3 was Mr Griffin”

    That’s 3/4 of the panel then because the Yank doesn’t count and was a wasted opportunity to get someone better on.

    My point is that these people including Griffin are all from the upper echelons of society, not short of a bit of brass and well educated. They haven’t got a f*cking clue what is going on at the arse end of this country and neither do they care because the lower social classes tend not to vote until they’re really pi**ed off

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    The programme was a complete farce from start to finish and the BBC should be pulled up for letting such a pile of drivel go out to air rather than for letting Griffin on in the first place. The seating arrangements were very interesting to say the least, all the main parties who normally have to be kept apart on one side with Griffin and a black American on the other. They all of took it in turn to shout Griffin down at every opportunity even though he said very little of substance throughout the duration of the programme. The “London” audience was also very loaded and I’m sure the black lad on the end of the front row who answered the first question is an actor.

    Why did they host the programme in London? Why not in the King Georges Hall as Straw and Griffin represent constituencies in this area or did they not want to hear the reasons why the BNP is gaining a foothold in East Lancashire.

    Did it do anything for the BNP? No, Griffin came across as a complete tosser but his points on capping immigration will be agreed with in many quarters. It did however show up all the mainstream parties for what they are, all of them Oxford/Cambridge educated academics who have disappeared up their own backsides and are about as far removed from the man on the street as it is possible to be. THAT is the reason only 35% turned out and the reason fringe parties are grabbing votes

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    Funny they’re both Froggy clubs and a certain English hating Froggy UEFA president wants the 6+5 rule brought in. It would kill any chance Chelski and MoanU had of winning the Champs league in 2010-11.

    If it was anybody else but the Frogs I’d back it.

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