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    Our next league game is Rochdale at home and we should win that one. If we don’t beat Rochdale at home then we can start worrying about some sort of capitulation !

    The same Rochdale that got a draw at Millwall and then won the replay. Another team of unknown names, just like Blackpool were. Can’t take anything for granted. My kids were being cocky walking to ground last night saying “we should win tonight” I told them “don’t be so sure”. How right I was.[/quote]

    Your kids weren’t being cocky, they were right, we should have won. Me and 8000 others also said that.[/quote]

    On paper, yes. On the night, we deserved nothing. As wigan athletic supporters, people should really know Better. I never once thought we would lose, never had that feeling once all week. It’s cost me a lot on football bets… Every other team came up.

    If football was on paper, city would be beat us 5 nil in cup final. And who wouldve said Liverpool would win 5 nil at Porto last night?

    Blackpool came with a plan, very similar to what Bradford and a couple of others have done. It worked too. We werent good enough, or clever enough to break them down. We didn’t even do the simple things right. But we move on…[/quote]

    Didn’t need all that, I just said yer kids were right to say we should win. Your comments are coming after the defeat anyone can do that.[/quote]

    Hold on, I said that id never had any thought of us losing the game, all week. Yet we did. We’ve no divine right to beat anybody in this league, regardless of league position. And the Championship is even worse. Even more unpredictable.

Viewing 76 post (of 76 total)
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