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    cup winnerscup winners

      Seems like that just after finding out we’ve gone down into League One players and alike have not been paid again.
      More points deducted come the start of the new season in League One.
      If true it looks like we have a bunch of liars at the helm. And if it’s def true time for them to pack a bag and do one

      cup winnerscup winners

        By Alan Nixon
        Relegated Wigan Athletic have failed to pay
        the wages AGAIN and face new financial
        questions and EFL punishment.
        Latics were due to put money into the bank
        for the salaries but the cash has not arrived
        at the end of the week when they went out
        of the Championship.
        Players found out the money was not in on
        Friday morning and have been told the cash
        may arrive later in the day, but tensions are
        No explanation has been given about the
        missing money, piling pressure on the
        Bahraini owners who were ordered to have
        money set aside by the EFL after previous
        Wigan were docked three points by the EFL
        for repeated lateness and have further
        charges in the pipeline.
        The only question would be when any future
        penalty would kick in. It would be too late to
        make a difference this season and therefore
        may apply in the next campaign in League


          Full time staff paid, players and part time staff to be paid later today, still a bloody shit show!

          So much for “it can’t and won’t happen again from Talal, unforgivable and indefensible.

          Enough is enough, laughing stock of the football league.

          Fuck the EFL


            Disgraceful, get out of our club !!!


            What an utter shite show, just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse.

            The rank and file followers have been very patient, perhaps heeding the advice not to burn the bridge when you’re standing on it.

            Well the bridge IS on fire. I hope there are protests on Monday. The message to Talal and his cronies needs to be clear…get the feck out of our club NOW :negative:


              Protests? Now you’re singing from my hymn sheet mate, should have been done months ago. :good:

              Fuck the EFL

              donnys pageDonnys Page

                Bloody jokers. No shirt sponsorship, no stadium sponsorship and treat the tenants like a charity case.

                MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

                  F### me…..can we be f###### over anymore than we have done ???….We are a laughing stock and the clubs future is now extremely precarious. Supporters parting with hard earned for season tickets ,looking forward to Maloney rebuilding the team and it looks like next season is down the shitter before this ends. If this is true I think Maloney will walk,no players will sign and start next season with minus points. No one can now say “give the owners a chance to put their wrongs right “……f#### knows where we go from here ??? Bought 2 season tickets on installments……if this is true then that’s 2 monthly payments getting stopped……how incompetent they are but their worst trait ???…..Liars. My little cup of optimism is shattered.


                    I would not be surprised if after last game this lot do a runner
                    I can only see us back in administration or worse in next couple of weeks
                    In talal we trust yea right


                      Struggling to find any words to say…… couldn’t believe Kendricks headline when I saw it !!!! deeper issues than we know about , without doubt ! IF we survive .EFL will . quite correctly . clobber us .. I honestly fear the worst now .. you can only bounce back so many times imo .. :-(


                      Club statement finally released


                      Sounds like they’re in the dark as well. Has Al Jasmi pulled the plug?


                        Few people i’d like to xxxxxin’ ‘ crown’ and none of them called Charles … distressing , worrying. embarassing ..I have a brother . lives and works in London.. very very well connected and knows someone at Begbies Traynor ..gonna e mail this guy later to see if he can find anything out .. the guy at Begbies may not , understandably say anything even if he’s ‘ in the know ‘ ..!!! As we all are , totally and utterly hacked off with all this .. :unsure:


                          Why can’t the EFL sit down face to face with owners to find out what exactly is going on and try to help if they can?
                          Everytime with any club they hit the club and fans with points deductions instead of getting to the root of the problem, easy option everytime.

                          Fuck the EFL

                          cup winnerscup winners

                            Well it’s time they sold and left the club. We clearly have owners who have no money to even pay wages.

                            They need to sell before we go into administration and disappear for good. What started off as dream owners has turned sour after our honeymoon period fizzed out.
                            Im sick to death of been fed lies so soon after been burgled by the Chinese bullsh1t crew. This I’m afraid has turned fans against our owners.

                            cup winnerscup winners

                              Maloney will leave, he won’t be a part of this. Max Power is not signing along with the majority of the released players.
                              The loan players? Beggars can’t be choosers, we’ll get nothing for them.

                              I’m disgusted how Talal can go to the press and promise it will never happen again

                              Fcukin liar

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