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    Absolutely reet !!!!

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    Come on Roberto take a leaf out of Mick Mcarthys book and send the second choice to Old Trafford. Save the best team for Saturday and be a great example by treating the FA Cup with the respect it deserves.Chances are we will get beat tomorrow. So why not give our second string a run out tomorrow rather than Saturday. If we dont lose then great but wouldnt Wembley be fantastic. Face it we only play in the Premier league to finish fourth bottom so a cup run could give us that feel good feeling we need. We used to place so much importance in the FA Cup and remember a great show by a non league Latics against Sir Alf Ramseys Birmingham City was one of the major factors in getting us elected to the Football League in the first place.

    Now my powers of deduction lead me to think your about fiftyish. If so, can’t you remember the days when the first team played on Saturday, then again on Monday neet ! So I think we should Tonk Man Utd and still turn out on Saturday !

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    And it’s just got better. Wolves lose 3-0 to Citeh.

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    The Boo’ers probably thought they were at a seasonal pantomine; starring Roberto Martinez as Prince Charming, Big Sam & Chimbo as the Ugly Sisters !

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    Agree, Zoggy had a good game.
    Thought Gomez had a good game; not quite as good as his showing at Stoke, but nevertheless a step in the right direction.
    Hendry got stuck in against big Sam’s thugs.
    Fig n Zog linked up well in the second half.
    Titus was a mountain.
    Scharner looked commited to the cause.

    There you are; a few more positives !

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    Is he officially our worst ever striker ?
    £5m and only one goal to show for it; and that was a penalty at Blackburn that only just dribbled inside the post !

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    Aye, and the greedy, grabbing, egotistical, dis-loyal players don’t give a stuff. Non of them put anything back into the clubs in times of crisis. Some of the overated brats, earn more in one or two days than the average fan earns in one year. Now ask me what’s ruining the great game !

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    Full marks for speed !
    I posted that before we even got the mon.
    Somert like “Martinez to sign”

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    We should appeal to the F.A, under exceptional circumstances and request that we be allowed to sign a striker before the January transfer window opens.
    Shop early for Christmas !!!

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    what is it with this p r i c k have drugs really made him such t w a t yet again nothing but dribble coming out his mouth when talking about us

    Hope he chokes on his own vomit. Fat drivelling prick !

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    He’s gonna pursue Figgy.
    Reckons he can wear the Latics into submission.

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    How did kangaroo get in there ?
    I typed FLUFFY BUNNIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Spot on fella !
    We are the real life “Roy of the Rovers” team, and it’s great to have been on this journey together. Long may it continue. Starting with Saturday, cos I hate them Spam bastards.

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    What’s doin on t’inter then ?

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    We suprised ourselves against Villa.
    We shocked ourselves against Wolves.
    And there were no shocks or suprises against the Red Devils.


    We’ll lick the toffes.
    And fry the Spam.

Viewing 15 posts - 391 through 405 (of 405 total)