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    Sterling, Deli & Young have been pants so far ! Wouldn’t want em in the Latics squad, nevermind playing for England.

    in reply to: Bolton players go on strike #170094

    Give en their P45s :evil: :evil: :evil:

    in reply to: Belgium #170093

    Correct Lozzie; I think we all love Bobby but can’t get over the way he dumped us :unsure: :unsure: :unsure:

    in reply to: Cheer up everyone #167309
    We could be West Ham

    or you could be a Chubby Egg fan.

    in reply to: Blown it? #167308

    Aye, let’s start with an attack minded play, get two in front then shut up shop.
    C’mon Cookie you can do it.

    Plus you all seem to forget that Scunty play the Shrews next Saturday; now that’ll be interesting.

    in reply to: Law of averages #167307

    What about the law of probability; can anyone settle our nerves or is it squeaky bum time until May 5th ?

    in reply to: Southampton at home #166556

    Every incentive then !

    in reply to: Well done… #166555

    Great day at the office, when you don’t even play and you feel that you have gained something. Let’s all get behind the Latics in our “run in” and get them over the line.

    in reply to: Is takeover real or fake? #166550
    What’s vat done to everyone? He does seem to get a hard time!

    He’s the most downbeat & negative Tics Mon ever :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

    in reply to: Tics? LATICS! #165075

    Hey VAT69, You will be pleased to see that my avatar strap line thingy, refers to us as the LATICS.

    I think it’s just a new generation of lazy youngsters; for example, how the hell is “sick” ever good ? and what’s all this OMG & SOZ shit. It’s probably so that their poor little fingers and thumbs don’t get tired whilst texting.

    in reply to: Bench Warmers – splinters in yer arse #165073

    Maybe Ivan Toney will be the second. On the bench for 90 mins yesterday.

    in reply to: Jack byrne #165069
    Set to join oldham on a permanent deal.

    He was quoted as saying that he want’s to play for “the Latics” and not “the Tics” :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

    in reply to: Shrewsbury #164688
    bet you are glad you don’t play us every week.2 games played,zero points zero goals…most teams you have played this season have piss poor squads but as you have found out we do not have a piss poor squad.your goal difference at the moment is impressive at the moment but will count for jack shit if you don’t keep winning.2 draws no goals in last 2 games.are you starting 2 feel the pressure??..good luck 2morow at Rotherham (not) and remember little shitty shrewsbury are breathing down your necks..lose tomorrow and you could be 2nd..can you handle the pressure ??

    Despite having six fingers, you need to brush up on your maths.

    in reply to: I’nt Bolton News – Will Grigg spotted #163403

    Personally, I like the Gemma Atkinson look alike :evil:
    But I wonder if Grigg will set the boardroom on fire !

    See what I did there; 10/10 :woohoo:

    in reply to: AFC Fylde Tickets #163297

    Just had a word with Paul Cook in The Johnny Todd ( pub in Kirkby ) and asked if he’s going to throw the game and settle for a draw so that all you unhappy fans can go to the replay :woohoo:

    Tell you what he says later; he’s at the bar getting me a pint !

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 405 total)