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    I thought my wife was joking when she said she’d leave me if I didn’t stop singing “I’m a believer”

    Then I saw her face.

    in reply to: which was the best goal ? #185402

    For me it’s :-

    Jacobs goal was technically a lot more difficult whereas Moore’s backheel could have gone anywhere.

    in reply to: Team today #185258

    Had to watch the game on TV in Spain whilst on holiday, thought the team as a whole played well. It wasn’t pretty but I’ll take that every game from now. Thought that Millwall should have been down to 10 men after 2 minutes, nasty and deliberate foul on Morsy that could have seen him taken off.
    Keep the faith.

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    I also went to Latics matches around the same time ( damn predictive text)

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    I started going to Latins matches around 1965/6 but I don’t remember seeing the Shevvy end like that.

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    The team and management deserve all the praise coming their way today because even when we’ve looked down and out they have pulled something out of the hat. It would be good if, now that we’re safe he gives a few of the young lads a run out against Birmingham.
    Oh and Leeds lost again

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    In today’s Daily Mirror Leeds boss Bielsa reckoned his team play like Man City, and we all know what happens when we play Man City.

    in reply to: Mon in’t Thugby Shirt at Gigg Lane #167777

    Well said Nuneaton.

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    Been stuck in Spain since January and so have missed arguably our best FA CUP run ever and won’t be back until Thursday but I’m going for a gate of 19320.

    in reply to: Last night’s beamback #161912

    That was my point, the picture quality was poor and trying to pick out individual players wasn’t easy.
    Thought Dan Burn had an excellent game though, (or was it Bruce, or Morsy, or Grigg?….

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    As long as we don’t get him on HP

    in reply to: What Position Did We Finish When You Were Born #86195

    Lancashire Combination Champions for the third time.
    Now I feel really old.

    in reply to: Classic whingeing #76279

    28 and counting, never realised how bitter Scousers could be.
    About one in thirty actually gave us some sort of credit and as for the language used :ohmy: :ohmy: :ohmy:

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    Thanks for that guys, here’s hoping for the right result. Wouldn’t want to start the celebrations with a right monk on.

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    Saw a small bloke carrying Giovanni’s bags the other day, must have been Santos’ little helper. :oops:

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