Video Selections

Video Selections

A selection of Wigan Athletic related video clips for your enjoyment.


Stalkers Gallery

Stalkers Gallery

Got yourself snapped with a Latics legend? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. your picture and we'll add it to our gallery.


What Can Latics Fans Expect From Paul Cook?

Three managers were tasked with keeping Wigan in the Championship last season, but none of them succeeded. Graham Barrow, Gary Caldwell and Warren Joyce all did their best, but just couldn't help Latics in their bid to survive in the Championship.

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Winner of the Mitre Delta Football @MitreSports #Mitre, #thelegendreturns

Congratulations Chris Thomas on winning the Mitre Delta Hyperseam @MitreSports #Mitre, #thelegendreturns, it will be with you very soon.

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Paul Cook has started

Paul Cook has wasted no time getting his feet under the Wigan Athletic Manager's Table by meeting up with the current squad and also jumping into the transfer market.

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Remember the Mitre Delta Football? We have one to win

The Mitre Delta Football was always associated with great things, remember David Beckham's amazing free kick against Greece which qualified England at Old Trafford, that was a Mitre Delta Football.

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Too many Cooks spoil the broth, lets hope not

So Wigan Athletic have at last announced our new manger, Paul Cook will take over immediately and start work on getting a swift return to the championship

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Virtual Latics 2 Amsterdam

On Thursday, 8th June, the Latics2Amsterdam team will be cycling from The DW Stadium and will cycle to Amsterdam, ending their journey at The Ajax Arena on Saturday 10th June.

Read more: Virtual Latics 2 Amsterdam

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jimmyc's Avatar
Yesterday 21:56
Wigan flag at Gladtonbury Forget France? But their recent political decisions are the very same political theories that Labour are promising the young generation of Britain... The last Labour government made a hash of things and this mon could well bankrupt the UK in 10yrs with...
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Yesterday 21:55
Peter reid They're strikers Al, pretty low down in the priority pecking order at Latics.
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Yesterday 21:51
Wigan flag at Gladtonbury In 1984 Corbyn and Ken Livingstone were criticised for inviting two convicted Provisional IRA members as well as Gerry Adams and other members of the Irish Republican party Sinn Féin to Westminster three weeks after the Brighton hotel bombing, an attack...
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Yesterday 21:37
Wigan flag at Gladtonbury Scum McDonnell has joined in the earning browny points now. The very lowest of low these gets but still haven't seen a Latics flag. Shame the Tories are so spineless not to retaliate and start mentioning a few things that these opportunist idiots fail to...
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Yesterday 21:35
Wigan flag at Gladtonbury Probably explain why he never called for the IRA to lay down their arms and voted against every anti terrorism bill put before him. Grow up! you try waking up!
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Yesterday 21:14
Wigan flag at Gladtonbury Grow up. He's clarified many times that it was a minute's silence for everyone who died in Ireland. The people he shared a platform with renounced violence and were until very recently the elected government of Northern Ireland. What's really putting the...

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