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  • in reply to: Best outfield player, to play in’t nets #54059

    How many outfield players, have played between the sticks for the Tics ???

    Come on you Stattoes.

    How about Kenny Morris & Pat McGibbon – did they ???

    in reply to: Glentoran – my goodness, Sprinfield Park is still alive ! #51325

    It’s spooky how it resembles Springfield Park.
    We should organise a friendly against them, and pretend it’s a home game. Beltin idea, don’t you think ?

    in reply to: Full debut scorers #46009

    Maybe tomorrow: Frankie Boy & Clever Tom. That would be nice

    in reply to: Will tomorrow be our 100 #46006

    I’ll put a monkey on Titus notching that one then !

    in reply to: Ali Al Habsi… #44611


    Will be called back to noblot on Monday as per the agreement in his loan contract.
    Mr Jaskelainen [sp] will now serve a 3 match ban following his straight red card today.

    Is that a genuine fact or speculation; afterall he is not even second choice, cos they’ve got Bog mon from Budapest on the bench ?

    in reply to: Are we playing ? #41578

    How many do you think will be on ?

    Hope he gives the whole squad a run at some point, cos it will be nice to see what we’ve got in the tank !

    How far is Dundee ?
    Quite fancy it.

    in reply to: Spud Yed #30362

    How about we do it ourselves at West Ham. More fun that way !

    in reply to: Hull 1-0 down #30316

    two sitters apparently !

    in reply to: Hull v Villa toneet….Is it on telly? #30201

    Try tomorrow neet.
    Thas a bit better chance.

    in reply to: The Cheats on Saturday #30198

    They’ll definitely be more nervous than us, cos this is their banker; a last throw of the dice, must win game. Like you say, if we can get in front !
    If they do lose, what are the bookies odds for Tevez putting them down on 9th May ????????????????

    in reply to: Prince Harry or Clown Prince ? #30195

    2 votes then; a tough tackling, never say die, Ginger Prince for me.

    in reply to: Scharner #30193

    Pity his ego has grown so big; and his football deteriorated. Thanks for the goal against Arsenal in the 1st leg CC Semi; but it’s now time to go. Think his attitude might be responsible for upsetting the dressing room harmony.

    in reply to: which game #28650
    Think we will just do enough to stay up, but if Martinez is still here next season us and whoever wins play offs will be fighting it out to be bottom

    Kind of agree with your thought.
    Think Martinez needs a good number two. As much as we like Jonesy and Barrow for the memories they created in Latic’s history; they simply aren’t good enough for the Prem. Martinez has potential, but it needs to develop ver quickly, alongside someone with experience & guile ( an owd head ). But who would be that ideal number two ?

    in reply to: Move Along! #28646

    Just like your music then !

    That’s really clever and funny, never heard that before! ;) [/quote]

    No offence; but do you really like David Gray ?

    in reply to: Move Along! #28630

    Just like your music then !

Viewing 15 posts - 346 through 360 (of 405 total)