Video Selections

Video Selections

A selection of Wigan Athletic related video clips for your enjoyment.


Stalkers Gallery

Stalkers Gallery

Got yourself snapped with a Latics legend? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. your picture and we'll add it to our gallery.


Winner of the Bradford Hospitality is Joanne Armstrong

Well done to Joanne Armstrong for winning the pair of tickets in the Champagne Lounge for the game against Bradford City on Saturday.

There are still one more set left on the WASC site here if you want to enter that.

Thanks to all those that entered the Cockney Latic draw, we hope to have more prizes soon for you.

We also want to thank Intersport for providing the tickets.

Kids show the future looks bright

England went into the recent friendlies with the media and fans going into a mini meltdown due to the amount of 'stars' pulling out through ahem.. injuries.

Read more: Kids show the future looks bright

HOW MUCH??????!!!!!!!!!!!!

The most expensive away day in town.

Read more: HOW MUCH??????!!!!!!!!!!!!

Win Champagne Lounge Hospitality for Latics v Bradford

Cockney Latic have very kindly been given 2 hospitality tickets by Intersport UK for the Wigan Athletic v Bradford City game this Saturday, kick off 3.00p.m., but you can wine and dine from 12.30pm

Read more: Win Champagne Lounge Hospitality for Latics v Bradford

Is the Fylde ticket ballot really just ticket bo******

Just because there has been 3 or 4 people in the past whinging because they didn't get a ticket to an away game, is there a cause for Wigan Athletic to suddenly jump into doing a ballot for match tickets?

Read more: Is the Fylde ticket ballot really just ticket bo******

Is the FA Cup getting its mojo back?

For many years now the FA Cup seemed to be losing its appeal and was threatening to be lost in the football wilderness.

Read more: Is the FA Cup getting its mojo back?

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Latest Posts
shandyland's Avatar
Yesterday 23:30
Todays game I thought the policeman at the bottom of the North stand had an excellent right hook
donnys page's Avatar
Yesterday 22:18
Todays game Bet the lot of the over paid tossers are out on the piss tonight with their mate/boss planning where they're going for holiday on the next international break. Who are the idiots who call for a winter break. At Latics we have one in Autumn and bollox up any...
MR Brownbill's Avatar
Yesterday 22:06
Todays game We were shit......As I posted a few weeks ago Toney is crap. Start with him and were already struggling. Grigg a gamble too so we need defo 2 strikers asap......I'll repeat my question for 100th time....why did we sign Hunt ???And why doesn't Colclough...
Vat69's Avatar
Yesterday 21:58
Todays game Agree with all that, George. I've said all season that we are about how we bounce back. If we go on now and win our next 2 or 3 league games, we will have done brilliantly. I said today that this was the type of game where if we go a goal up, "we are...
bigroy's Avatar
Yesterday 21:35
Todays game Watched their winner back. Shambolic defending from Burn running away like that from the man with the ball and pretty poor goalkeeping.
donnys page's Avatar
Yesterday 20:27
Todays game You just had a good whinge yourself there!! At least there's more than the average three visitors been on the board this evening so that's one positive. At the end of the day it's only football and a bit of fun. We could all learn a lot from the efforts of...

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