Video Selections

Video Selections

A selection of Wigan Athletic related video clips for your enjoyment.


Stalkers Gallery

Stalkers Gallery

Got yourself snapped with a Latics legend? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. your picture and we'll add it to our gallery.


Rivals in Review: March 2019

Back in January, we looked at the trends we could expect from upcoming home games, but the away form of opponents was just a peripheral element. One month on, we’re going to take a more condensed look at how Wigan’s first spring visitors to the DW Stadium have improved (or not!) since the turn of the year.

Read more: Rivals in Review: March 2019

Leeds united prospects to rate up

Several rounds before the end of the season, Leeds united heads the Championship standings and has pretty good chances to return to the elite of English football for the first time in a long time.

Read more: Leeds united prospects to rate up

Rotherham Preview and Head to Head

After what looks like a mini revival on the pitch for Latics we now enter a phase where we will  play 4 of the teams below us in the table within the next 8 games.

Read more: Rotherham Preview and Head to Head

5 Exciting Football Games To Look Forward in 2019-20-21-22

There is something about football matches that brings out so many energetic fans everywhere. The wonderful atmosphere, incredible game and beautiful hosting cities to explore, football tournaments always bring a unique experience that’s worth a lifetime

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Grigg Sale Necessary

Grigg goes and it hurts, but business is business.

Read more: Grigg Sale Necessary

Opposition Analysis: What to expect at the DW Stadium

Just four years ago, Wigan’s relegation season of 2014/15 (as recalled in the The Guardian) was punctuated by long runs without a win, the worst of which saw Latics take just seven points from a possible 48 between 1 November and 11 February. 

Read more: Opposition Analysis: What to expect at the DW Stadium

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The Egg's Avatar
18 May 2020 08:30
Suggestion & Solution to the end of season. West Ham will be relegated if the season is finished based on the weighted points per game scenario. That won't happen then.
The Egg's Avatar
18 May 2020 08:28
Harry Redknapp Harry Redknapp wants to buy a football club in the lower divisions. Surely he can't pass a fit and proper owners test!!!! Imagine if he rocked up at your club :S :S :S
LordofBrewtown's Avatar
17 May 2020 14:23
Suggestion & Solution to the end of season. I fully support this option (and really don't understand the need to complicate matters by voiding the current season or agreeing to end the current season when everyone hasn't played the same schedules). Finish out the year/schedule. Shorten next...
The Egg's Avatar
17 May 2020 11:12
League 2 (North and South) So are the national league clubs all then part of the football league?
Jayt's Avatar
17 May 2020 11:09
League 2 (North and South) Would this be a bad idea? Not much money filters down to the Leagues 1 and 2, so having a regional variation might lessen the burden on some clubs, it might even let them thrive with local rivalries and reduced travel costs. I think the idea is to merge...

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