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    Have you seen the pic of James McClean to the Accy fans on Saturday when we scored?

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    They must be confident to risk 500k

    I can’t help but think that maybe there is a local benefactor could well contribute.
    Someone who doesn’t want now to be actively engaged in running the club long term, but who initially pledged he would help in whatever way he could.
    If only there were someone like this already pulling strings behind the scenes :)

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    It’s like Donny pointed out: if we end the season with enough points & GD to stay up, the EFL can safely apply the deduction without fear of repercussion from the Latics of the teams that go down. So they will wait and try to get themselves off the hook with as little grief as possible.

    But the timescale now is nothing to do with the EFL.
    The appeal is to an independent panel and they dictate how it is handled.

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    Not ideal, of course, but if none of the other bids prove a goer then it’ll have to be

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    Despite being a stones throw away from both Widnes & Warrington, I’ve never heard the word rugby ever get mentioned in Runcorn. And I’ve lived here now for 16 years. It’s mostly Liverpool followed by Everton, then a tiny minute of Utd fans, which is followed by an even smaller group of both Runcorn Linnets & Runcorn Town fans. Then me (but there used to be 2 other blokes I saw wearing latics shirts during the premier league years)!

    Runcorn Highfield were a successor to Liverpool City/Huyton.

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    Are they going to let you out of NZ, or back into UK, or even will there be flights, GG?

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    What about the relegation battle?? How many go down??!!??

    I’m happy with mid-table mediocrity

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    Mom was the litter. All over the pitch second half and never got picked up

    I noticed all the rubbish that was on the pitch.
    Then there was all the paper that blew on too.

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    Let’s make the atmosphere toxic for Luton tomorrow.
    Applaud Graeme Jones at the end.
    But before and during the game he is a rival we need to beat, he is the enemy.
    Let’s not give him a fawning reception.
    Like boxers at the weigh in, shout them down, boo, cause discontent in Luton’s belief.
    The end is the time to praise, not before.

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    One game to go:

    “Therefore, the cut-off dates for receiving a sanction as a result of accumulating cautions in league matches only are:

    Number of cautions Cut-off date [inclusive]
    Five [Premier League] Following 19 league fixtures
    Five [EFL] Following 19 league fixtures
    Five [National League] Following 23 league fixtures
    10 [Premier League Following 32 league fixtures
    10 [EFL] Following 37 league fixtures
    10 [National League] Following 37 league fixtures
    15 [All leagues] *End of the season**”

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    Fickle clowns

    They’re the worst sort

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    Is it coincidence too that the substitutions were measured and effective?

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    Balogun looked solid to me

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