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    What time is KO tomorrow ! You sad bastard !

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    KC and the Sunshine Band; That’s the Way – I Like It.

    Nice hijack !

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    What a prick you are Papal *anker

    Better than being a tight old moaning arse :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

    in reply to: How Long Before “Bottom Four Bob” #161994

    He was sniffing around Euxton this week.
    He’ll be back soon :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

    in reply to: Booing your own teams player #161992

    Blood sucking agents are to blame.
    They ruined one of our best ever players; The Duke.
    Think Nathan would have gone on to higher things if he had stayed at the Tics a bit longer, instead of lining his agents wallet !

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    Like I said, moaning owld git !

    if he went, he would probably complain because pies weren’t two and six any more.

    in reply to: The season for Moriss Dancing #161987
    traditionally closes at the late August Bank holiday weekend; so I’ll be free to watch the Latics. Should I be sad or happy ????

    mi clogs are fooking rubbing like hell, so I’m glad of a rest until Easter; so I can go to the Tics today.

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    Sat in th’east stand today ( why is it the Boston United stand ? ) and have to agree with HORC.

    in reply to: Absolute Disgrace #161983

    Personally. I think you must be a tight old git !
    Should have bought your season ticket as normal, because in the long run it works out to be great value; even if you miss a few games because for holidays etc. !
    Call yourself a Latics supporter; now’t but a tight owld git !

    I always buy my season ticket , and if I can’t attend certain games I give my ticket to someone who might enjoy the experience and be tempted to attend more games.

    So in future, you’d better stayed tuned to Wish FM and hope you can afford to pay for the batteries; moaning owld git !

    in reply to: Jezza reveals startling nuclear deterrent ! #161256

    get him on the next flight to North Korea :evil: :evil: :evil:

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    Are you home yet ?

    in reply to: How Long Before “Bottom Four Bob” #160824

    Bobby is or hero,
    Bobby is our hero,

    repeat after me

    Bobby is our hero :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

    in reply to: Max Power #160822

    Or maybe Power & Bogle are just shit at golf !!!!!!!!!!
    It was La Manga, wasn’t it ???????????

    in reply to: Wigan flag at Gladtonbury #160041

    Put that weed away, MartinH.
    It’s fuddling your brain :evil: :evil: :evil:

    in reply to: Wigan flag at Gladtonbury #160039
    This thread has gone from a Wigan flag at Glastonbury to a political preference 

    For those Corbyn lovers, you only have to look at France’s economy for what will lie ahead for us if Labour get’s in. Corbyn’s policies are very similar to that of France. Tax the rich, tax the corporate lot & give more to the poor.

    France currently has the weakest economy of the big three in Europe, one of the poorest growth forecasts for 2017 for the whole of the EU predicted, larger than average EU unemployment rate & even worse (24%) for the youth.

    Government debt, now stands at almost 90% of GDP, up from just 58% a decade ago.

    Be careful what you vote for..

    Nail on the head, Jimmy.

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