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    That is funny. :) He almost lost his balance trying to get the ball on his left foot.

    Learn to use both feet kids.

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    You may be in the same pub as me Grifter, I’ll also be in Ashton, how would I know you ? I’m quite often with Bolshy or Gekko but they won’t be in attendance tomorrow.

    well they won’t be together tomorrow will they -what with all the mind games being played :roll: [/quote]

    Have i missed something? :lol:

    Everton my next trip out of town. Check the forecast for snow. ;)

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    A. I’m not a cabbie any more.
    B. Get behind YOUR team, not one Liverpool fan is happy with their manager. They’ll be behind their TEAM tomorrow. You know, the TEAM you support. :o

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    Is he on about the message board or the match ?

    Abuse? i haven’t seen any. Criticism yes. Managers and players should never be exempt from criticism as long as its constructive.

    You do rant on a bit Lmb

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    He’s here until at least may so no amount of protesting will change that.

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    90% of Premier league matches are dull untill the ‘business’ end of the season. thats not the managers fault. at least he’s trying different things.

    He was a bad appointment in the first place for me too but collectively we need to support him. There is no one else out there at this moment in time.

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    Unfortunately, i couldn’t make it due to a shift change after i’d bought a ticket. So introductions for another day. I think the manager in many ways has become too John Deehan esque, worrying about the opposition rather than concentrating on the strengths of what i believe is a very young but talented squad.

    This season is like any other PL season. Take the top five or six out and 14 teams teams are much of a muchness.

    West Ham will finish bottom and i predict a squeeky bum Sheffield united away type scenario at the end of the season. At least it isn’t dull.

    I miss the Liverpool game too through work so i’m ‘yellow watered’ off. Jobs . co . uk here i come. :(

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    Bed Jimmy! school tomorrow.

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    Here’s hoping he gets a good nights sleep. :lol:

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    I cant believe two grown spend all afternoon banging each others bollocks. We’re all frustrated, get behind the team. See you at Ewood on saturday.. when I’m gonna introduce you to each other> oh.. and get some work done or something. :D

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    Its not over yet, according to the Daily star we’ve pulled a goal back.

    in reply to: Blackburn Away For £10 #49059
    Watched the Blackburn – Sunderland game last night and the mackems were in the lower tier only and didn’t half fill that. :roll:

    Which proves its high time these Monday night games were knocked on the head. They’d have filled it on a Saturday.

    in reply to: Gordon Strachan #49058

    No sure, Sir Alex will leave with a knighthood. :lol:

    in reply to: Breaking News #49021

    Miss Wigan Worriers to unveil new store.

    in reply to: 3 Goals #48696
    Tell me some positives then. Because I cant think of many.

    The fact we even have a football club (let alone a top flight one) in rugby leagues back yard.

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