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    Tuesday 20th October 1987. Wigan Athletic 3 Brighton 3.

    What a first game, no wonder I’ve been hooked ever since!!
    Mark Hilditch scored 2, then rattled the cross bar in the last minute. Chris Thompson knocked in the rebound to equalize.

    I was a 12 year old, and sat in The Phoenix Stand.

    The team was:

    1. Nigel Adkins
    2. John Bitler
    3. Barry Knowles
    4. David Hamilton
    5. Paul Beesley
    6. Andy Holden
    7. David Thompson
    8. Chris Thompson
    9. Bobby Campbell
    10. Paul Jewell
    11. Marco Van Hilditch
    Sub. Stuart Storer
    Sub. Andy Ainscow

    Att: 2,392

    Can anyone confirm that Nigel Adkins went off injured with one of the subs (Storer or Ainscow) going in goal?
    Seem to remember something really random happening.

    in reply to: Hodgson ready to launch £5m Figueroa bid #41489

    Yeah, Edman was bad, but he’d just come back from a bad injury. Probably far too soon.

    Just read that Martinez has rated Fig 2nd best left back in the prem behind Evra, and thinks he can go on to be the best in the world!!!!!

    What about : Cole, Warnock, Baines, Cliche. . . . . . . . . These guys can actually defend!

    Me thinks Our Bob is attempting to big Mr Wandering Left Back up a bit in a bid to push a sale through.

    I’ll stand by my comments, he’s useless.

    in reply to: Hodgson ready to launch £5m Figueroa bid #41471

    £5 Million?? Snatch their hands off, he’s useless!!

    He was that far out of position on so many occasions last season he might as well have been playing for another team!!

    Come on Figs lad, jump on mi back, I’ll take ya!!!!

    in reply to: Amaya #41093

    Think it was a “buy-one-get-one-free” offer!

    That’s another off the wage bill, expect another to come in soon!!

    in reply to: Alcaraz #37348

    Just waiting for some smart arse to mention the fact Neil Morton only played for Wigan from 1993.

    in reply to: Alcaraz #37346

    I’m sure Neil Morton scored for England in the 1986 World Cup in Mexico

    ;) ;)

    in reply to: Springfield Park or Robin Park? #36212

    Although I miss the smell of winter-green on a freezing cold Tuesday night under the dodgy floodlights. . . . . The option of being able to stand up. . . . . Staring across at the Phoenix Stand. . . . . Cramming around the exits with 5 mins to go. . . . . Eating chips from a cone. . . . . Etc, etc, etc.

    It’s got to be The D.W for me.

    The memories will never leave me, but as stated in earlier posts, it was a dump, but it was OUR dump.

    RIP Springfield Park.

    in reply to: I see that big daft klutz, Heskey… #35783

    Nice one Emile, Ferdinand has got to be the most over-rated player ever!

    Hope Dawson is clod straight into the starting 11. Quality player.

    in reply to: Things you don’t see at football any more. #34217

    Chips in a cone :P

    in reply to: Worst ever Wigan Ath Prem League X1 #31884

    Now that’s more like it!

    Imagine watching that lot for a full season in the Prem!!!

    With Steve Bruces’ hoof ball tactics thrown in ( ooooohhhh, controversial)

    in reply to: Worst ever Wigan Ath Prem League X1 #31881

    Glad to hear of your clean living life style mate ;)

    I’ll accept your opinion I suppose, i’m just going to have to question your football knowledge and your sanity instead ;) ;)

    in reply to: Worst ever Wigan Ath Prem League X1 #31878

    Bullard?? You on drugs fella???

    in reply to: A simple yes or no! #31874

    1-1 ;)

    in reply to: Fairytale finish to crazy season #31873

    Yeah, i’d love MY team to lose as well!! (hint of sarcasm)

    There aren’t half some pillocks following us at the moment. 1932, do you really hate Man Utd that much to wish your own team get beat?

    Do you also realise that there is potentially another £750,000 to play for??

    As much as I hate the so-called top 4, there is no way i’d be hoping that my team would lose. Or are you a closet Liverpool fan???

    Get a grip fella!!!

    in reply to: Who’d you prefer in net? #31830

    Get Brenda in for the Chelsea game, as a final farewell!!
    Surely can’t be any worse than the Serbian muppet!!

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