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    To put this season’s achievements so far into context…
    In the 2002/03 season, when we finished on 100 points, we had 41 points after 19 games. We’re currently 1 point ahead of that.

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    Established international precedent is that all current Scottish citizens will keep their British nationality and get dual citizenship with Scotland. Anyone born in Scotland after independence (if it happens) would only have Scottish nationality.

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    It’s still a pile of rubble as far as I could see.
    I’m really surprised at how the club has gone about this, leaving it until after everyone has bought their season tickets before letting us find out it’s going to cost an extra £5 per game on top of the ticket price increase. Fair enough I know they have to try and make up some of the money we’ll lose in parachute payments this year but they should’ve told people up front when renewing season tickets.
    These are the sort of underhand tactics I’d expect from Man United towards their “customers” rather than from our supposedly “family” club.

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    It’s also all fenced in now so only the 2 ways in and out, meaning it’ll be a right t**t to get out of after the game.

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    Practising penalties is of limited value as you can never recreate the pressure environment of a real situation. As a manager you have to see who’s up for taking one, that’s far more important than who takes them best on the training ground if their bottle’s gone. All our penalties were on target which is the first requirement, if the keeper had guessed wrong we’d have scored all 4 too. These things happen, move on.

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    You can’t write off debt to avoid FFP. The club are only allowed to make a loss of £3M, with owners / shareholders allowed to inject another £5M, making £8M allowable losses in a year. Anything outside this falls foul of FFP no matter how much the owner is prepared to underwrite / guarantee in loans, etc.

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    Didn’t we play on a Thursday night in the 98-99 season when we had to play a ridiculous amount of games in the final 2 weeks?

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    No money? Didn’t he sign the most expensive player in the clubs history? Not that he played much of course…..

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    “Off off topic now………regarding the finances I have just noticed that the game against Norwich has been changed for $ky and that this will be their seventhtelevised game this season – now there is some real TV money going into their club – would never happen at Little ol’ Wigan. ”

    Apart from our first season in the Prem, when we were on Sky a grand total of 20 times!

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    Yeah that used to be the rule. Got changed a season or two ago though, ball only has to be touched now…

    in reply to: Which ground is nearest to you? #66942

    1. Liverpool (9.4 m)
    2. Everton (9.8 m)
    Goodison Park
    3. Wigan Athletic (11.7 m)
    DW Stadium
    4. Tranmere Rovers (11.9 m)
    Prenton Park
    5. Bolton Wanderers (15.9 m)
    Reebok Stadium
    6. Manchester United (19.4 m)
    Old Trafford
    7. Bury (22.8 m)
    Gigg Lane
    8. Manchester City (23.4 m)
    City of Manchester Stadium
    9. Stockport County (23.8 m)
    Edgeley Park
    10. Crewe Alexandra (24.3 m)
    Alexandra Stadium

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    I seem to remember Chelsea fans saying exactly the same about Drogba in his first season – and they’d actually seen enough of him to form a reasoned opinion.
    Not by any means saying Boselli is going to turn out the same way but at least give the guy a chance!

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    Gary Powell at Springfield v Shrewsbury. Got the ball from a throw, beat about 5 players then slotted it in the bottom corner. Well ok, it bobbled in a bit but it was still a quality goal.

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    Please show me the figures to back up your statement that the TV money pays the day to day running costs – the accounts certainly don’t back that up.
    The “free” advertising for JJB was actually paid for – JJB paid to sponsor Latics shirts (admittedly at probably a lower rate than we may have got elsewhere) and as Whelan did put some of his own money into building the stadium why shouldn’t he name it after his company?

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    All goes on trying to keep the club afloat – take a look at the accounts.
    When Whelan took over Latics football was a very different business. Back then his wealth would have been enough to put us up there with the best, now you need to be a billionaire who’s happy to blow your fortune if you want to achieve anything in the Prem.
    I’m no real fan of Whelan, but I can appreciate what he has done for our club and I’d rather have him here than a foreign owner.

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